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DC Bound

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Our Mission in DC:
Pam will present the story of her own health decline after the advent of silicone breast implants into her life.  While she underwent a radical mastectomy at a young age, she never had radiation or chemotherapy.  Until the reconstruction and ruptured implants, Pam was never sick.
One year after the first replacement, Pam had her first abnormal EEG that showed one abnormality in the brain.  A repeat EEG in 2000 shows two abnormalities in separate lobes of the brain.
In Oct. 2004, when Pam's late husband became eligible for Medicare, Pam became uninsured and uninsurable, based on all the health problems connected to the silicone breast implants...the very same connections the manufacturers say "may" exist in their product liability inserts and informed consents.  For Pam, those diseases are realities.
Brenna, her 22 year old daughter, will present her observations on her mother's declining health.  Brenna has never had a healthy mother.

One Woman's Journey to DC to Speak to Her Government